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We have a simple boiler; No electronics, NO circuit boards or complicated things; Off-the-shelf parts available anywhere!

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Get the THICKEST firebox available ANYWHERE!

ALSO, get the thickest water jacket bottom made anywhere! BOTH are 3/8" or 1/2" THICK!

Check out our awesome models; in development for over a year:

1. With 25% bigger fireboxes 2. more water capacity 3. a bigger front door (2 ft X 2 ft) and 4. a removable, slide-out ash tray 5. built-in heat exchanger for your domestic hot water; saving you over $300.00

ALL MODELS have a forced-air induction fan, in the back, to feed air/oxygen into the firebox, just like a blacksmith's forge!

All current EPA legal models have cast-iron grates!

Get an Advanced HyProTherm Boiler or Water-Less furnace today and SAVE BIG: MONEY and WOOD!!

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20-year warranty! We WILL be here when you need us!



Boilers have been manufactured in this same plant for over 47 years! WE are a new company and we purchased all of the equipment of the previous manufacturer plus all of the buildings!

Ee have totally different and better boilers but with the same benefits of using one piece of steel and forming the firebox, with a 430 Ton Press Brake and then welding on front and beak plates - = LESS WELDS and LESS potential leaks!

Our Water-Jacket bottom (the most vulnerable part) is the SAME THICKNESS of the firebox! No one else ANYWHERE does that!

We new K-Factor insulation, developed by insulation engineers for outdoor wood and coal boilers and furnaces; to keep 800F+ in the firebox and 180F in the water jacket. All OTHER MANUFACTURERS use house type fiberglass, R-Factor insulation, only meant to keep 75F in a home. 


NEW Seamless 3/8" or 1/2 Optional  Firebox AND Water Jacket Bottom! Grates and ASH PAN!

All Hyprotherm Front Loading Boilers &
Forced-Air Waterless Front Loaders are currently 

$300.00 off until SAT MARCH 30 for our FIRST EVER "SUMMER'S COMING" SALE!

(Expires Midnight CT 3/30/19)

NEW Molded Firebox formed with a 430-ton Press Brake, from one piece of steel!

3/8" and 1/2" Optional Firebox AND water jacket Bottom. NO ONE else in the world does that!

Grates and Pull-out Ash Tray!

HUGE 2 foot by 2 foot loading door!


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